A flaming red ball shot across the room as one of my molten hot glass creations came unattached from the handle and went flying across the room.  My eyes wide and my mouth open I watch dumbly as my husband jumped over the chair with a pair of tongs, grabbing the ball of destruction before it could burn the house down.  At the time my husband was teaching himself to blow glass from YouTube University.  He learned from the videos and I learned from him.  We had a torch set up in one of our carpeted bedrooms and didn’t own a fire extinguisher.  As the glass blowing skills developed so did our dreams and ambitions. We invested everything we had to open our very own local business in Clifton, Colorado. Every time I pass that hole in the carpet I smile at what our hobby together has created. 

Heathen Head Shop’s existence started with our passion for glass and now we are expanding our knowledge and specializing in it.  We are a locally owned smoke shop on the outskirts of Grand Junction, Colorado.  We as owners have reached out to the glass community to seek out quality, one of a kind creations made in the USA. We have high quality American glass, affordable imported glass, and even creations made right here in the valley.  We pride on supporting our local artists; we stock up on glass pieces, pipe bracelets, jewelry and wood burned boxes that help support the very members of our community. Our husband and wife duo has come a long way from the dark constraints of our basement.  Today we are blowing custom pieces in the back of the shop—all up to code and safety standards I might add.   

Heathen Head Shop is not limited to glass pipes; you can choose from hundreds of different colors, sizes, and shapes of glass, metal, wood, stone or other smoking oddities. We carry soft glass, scientific rigs, acrylic, ceramic bongs and more. We have a wide selection of fittings to convert any piece to fit your smoking preferences.  Traditional items will always be the foundation of our company but we never get bored of trying to find new ways to smoke.  With a surplus of new concentrate products on the market we found new devises to use them in.  We have rigs, nails, accessories and more to put that honey oil to good use.

We carry cigars, cigarettes, lighters and papers from both popular brands and lesser-known favorites. If you enjoy flavored cigarettes or prefer the taste of menthol, we have something for you to smoke. Weather your looking for rollers and a variety of high-quality tobacco or hookahs with richly flavored shisha, we are you one shop stop. If you enjoy smoking or simply performing smoke tricks but are not into traditional tobacco, you will love the thick and flavorful smoke that vaporizers produce. Our shop sells top-quality vape pens, liquids, and accessories so you can try it for yourself. Our e-juice selection has a wide combination of flavors that roll of your tongue.

 Whether you want something quirky and unique or small and discreet, you can find it here. Heathen Head Shop makes it there mission to find the best glass, vape, tobacco, and accessories to meet any smokers needs.  Pipes, bongs, hookahs, jewelry, tapestries, incenses and other novelties are all waiting for you to take home.  With our extensive selection of smoking products there is sure to be something you fall in love with.  End your smoke shop search and shop local by picking Heathen Head Shop.

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